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The Night Circus

Erin Morgenstein is truly an artist. She has painted a mysterious and magical world of the Night Circus. Conceived by master innovators and lovers of the truly mystical, the circus is born at a midnight supper. Those in attendance offer their help in designing this remarkable venue. What they do not realize is that this Night Circus was set in motion years before as part of a wager, a competition between two illusionists and their protege.

The Night Circus travels the world, here one moment and disappears to reappear somewhere else. It has its own set of groupies called Revelers. The circus is all black and white, save for these fans who don the color red to show their faith and devotion to this rare and spectacular dream world.

The two lovers are unaware of each other at first but Celia Bowen, the illusionist, becomes curious about the circus owner, Chandeler's assistant, Marcos. Although Chandeler sets the Night Circus into being, it is Celia and Marcos who truly keep it alive. As they begin to realize they are opponents, the competition finally unfolds, involving the circus at the center of its climactic conclusion.

Despite, or perhaps, because of the love story, the Night Circus will become a favorite of anyone who enjoys the lyrical writing of Morgenstein. Her descriptions pull you into the circus and the drama that surrounds all those who enter through its gates at the stroke of midnight and leave as the dawn rises. Well crafted, story telling at its best. A wonderful escape and insight into the world of the Night Circus.