Michelle Obama makes 50 look good
Friday, January 17, 2014 at 8:53AM
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Today Mrs. Obama turns 50, a once dreaded age now trendy. Aging just keeps getting better. Fifty looks better than it did when our parents reached this pinnacle. Or does it? My 85 year old mother says she is still a young woman on the inside. Maybe we were just never allowed to think young at 50.

Attitude is, of course, the key. You can feel old at any age. Michelle Obama believes that being fit and eating healthy helps to keep the youthful image. My mom's only form of exercise was keeping up with seven kids. Now at age 85, she works out at the YMCA several times a week. Here I am at 62, and without pilates, yoga and tai chi, I think age might sneak up on me as well. After doing my age fitness calculator, as opposed to my chronological age, I find that I am really only 53 years old. 

If we are aging younger, then here's hoping our minds are making the grade as well. More of us are playing video games to sharpen the mind. Volunteering is a great way to stimulate the mind and attitude as we age. Our family grew up with volunteering as much a part of our DNA as the color of our hair. I bring my grandchildren with me when I drive for Meals on Wheels. Start young, stay young.

So, happy birthday, Michelle. And many more. Although we all have an expiration date, none of us know what it is. Rather than making living longer our goal, we should be focused on living better. 

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