Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!
Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 9:42AM
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Have you ever had one of those mornings, when right side up is definitely upside down? No, it is not necessarily Monday or it can be a whole week of Mondays. There you are thinking your day is off to a good start, coffee steaming in hand and then it all falls apart.

I spend more time looking for things than I do actually using them. Before you start throwing the "old age" stereotype at me, look in the mirror. Yes, you with the dyed hair or botox treatments or perhaps you are 16 and can't find your homework. Maybe you are 25 and can't find your phone or 35 and can't find your car keys. Having one of those days is as common as the cold and it knows no age or gender boundaries, just in case you men out there thought it was a "Venus" thing.

Years of Monday mornings have taught me one thing, the more you freak out about it, the less likely you are to find it, fix it or not be stuck in a continual loop for the rest of the Mondays of your week. The less I look, the more I find. Stop working against the clock and work with it. Having an extra minute of zen time is much more likely to produce results than putting a bag over your head to stop hyperventilating. In this case, ignorance is bliss. Admitting that it is within my grasp, on the tip of my tongue or at least on the same planet, often gives me better results to having a good morning, rather than spinning my wheels in absolute desperation. 

My advice to having a good morning, is being grateful you even woke up. How bad can the rest of the day be?

What advice to you have to getting your morning off to a good start?

Image: photo from my library, the head is covered to protect the innocent

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