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Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 9:15AM
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Everywhere we go these days, we see the pink ribbon symbol for fighting breast cancer. Bob Carey, photographer and loving husband, has decided to take that one step further. He is photographing himself in a pink tutu locations around the country. Crazy? Only to those who don't know his story.

Carey poses in whimsical and poignant settings dressed in nothing more than a pink tutu. Bare chested and vulnerable, Carey has captured the spirit of creative expression in meaningful and humorous pictures to bring a smile to his wife, Linda, as she battles breast cancer.

Diagosed in 2003, Linda has been fighting this battle for 9 years. Thought to be in remission, the cancer reoccured in 2006 and she now brings her spirit and determination, along with her beauty to treatment every 3 weeks. Bob has focused on the tutu project as a way to laugh at themselves and share the healing power of laughter with others.

Although most wives would have sought medical attention for a husband dressed in a pink tutu, Linda was tickled pink about the project and found someone to make the perfect pink tutu. Bob has since photographed himself in dozens of positions and locations and is publishing a book of his stoires and photos entitled simply, Ballerina.

Lest you think this is some silly self-indulgent dream, Bob is donating the proceeds from the book to a foundation that will help women in their struggles with breast cancer on a more personal level. Women who have health insurance needs, medical or transportation costs. The money goes directly to organizations including and the Beth Israel Department of Integrative Medicine Fund, that make significant differences in the lives of women with breast cancer and in the people who love them. Carey's goal is to raise $75,000 through the sales of the book.

One more way the color pink is fighting the good fight for breast cancer. As a 21 year survivor of breast cancer, I applaud the efforts of this man in his pink tutu. If you would like to support this effort, information on becoming a sponsor is available on the Tutu Project website. A perfectly pink way to further the project.

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