No One Ever Told Us That
Friday, April 13, 2012 at 11:41AM
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Maria Bartiromo on The Wall Street Journal Report, did a segment this week with John D. Spooner, author of the book, No One Ever Told Us That. The conversation with Spooner was an interesting mix of his financial wisdom and the practical wisdom of finding a mate. 

The book came out of a speech he gave to graduates at Braneis University, a private research college with a liberal arts focus. Spooner spoke to the eager group of mainly foreign students on what to expect in the real world upon graduation. When one of the students remarked that no one had ever told them that, Spooner saw an opportunity to impart practical wisdom.

Starting with his older grandchildren, he began to write a series of weekly letters including advice on investing, job searching and even on the art of finding a mate. The letters, published in the book No One Ever Told Us That, speak frankly to his grandchildren, sometimes dispelling the truths that he grew up with in exchange for acknowleging the ever changing world his grandchildren live in. But the practical wisdom offers a bridge of common sense that binds every generation. 

An excerpt from the book in Huffington Post reads:

Men are no longer from Mars and women just from Venus. These days, we’re all from everywhere. When your Mimi and I were married, the roles for men and women were clearly defined. No matter where in America you lived, the man was the breadwinner and went to a job every day. The woman kept the house and raised the children.

The letter continues to advise on matters of the heart in a warm and conversational manner. 

1. Unless you’re a nuclear physicist, you need human interaction. And remember, in that interaction the most important quality is a sense of humor. Because people are really terrified of one another.

2. We are not practical people; we believe what we see on the screen. I have handled hundreds of divorce cases and I know that marriage is something you have to work at every day, like constantly negotiating a peace treaty. American men won’t believe that you cannot just marry for love.

3. Never overlook the obvious when dealing with people on any level. Tip O’Neill, the former Speaker of the House, once asked a woman in his district if she voted for him. “No,” the woman said to the long-time congressman.
“Why not?” asked the surprised O’Neill.
“You never asked,” the woman answered.

For decades, John D. Spooner has been one of America's leading financial advisors. Speaking on behalf of every grandparent or parent, Spooner's book offers essential life lessons that young people need to meet today's challenges. 

Through the art of conversation, Spooner relates stories illustrating and guiding the next generation through the relevant issues of job searching, financial planning, the impact of technology and working through adversity, among others. No One Ever Told Us That brings key information into a single volume presented with the 20/20 clarity and experience of wisdom and hind sight.

Reading this book can bring a whole new meaning to "I told you so", an opportunity to share, guide and dialogue without the white noise of a lecture. Good gift for the graduate and resource for parents.

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