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I am determined to age gracefully. But what does that mean exactly? It certainly doesn't mean that the number of the candles on my birthday cake have any bearing on how old I am. They are merely notches on the belt and no real mark of character. Therefore, aging gracefully means that I continue to believe that if I am lucky there is a gift of opportunity waiting for me each day; to do something worthwhile.

I am a writer. Leaping small magazines with a single bound, I write a monthly newspaper column, children’s books, content writing for marketing, guests blogs and scripts for children’s theatre. My style includes ingredients of passion, humor and honesty, delivering content driven material. There is not a day that I do not write, even if it is an email or writing a letter to a beloved friend. 

My career as a writer began at age 10, when I decided to walk in my Dad’s big shoes. My Dad was a reporter for the Long Beach Press Telegram in Long Beach, California. He made the daily commute from our home in Placentia. I would sit at his typewriter and punch out an edition of the Duncan Family News, leaving it on the dashboard of the car. There were stories about backyard carnivals and lemonade stands and who did what to whom during the day. Coming from a family of seven, there were plenty of stories to satisfy a young reporter’s byline. 

I don’t remember a time when my Dad did not edit my work. From my first paragraphs on what happened on my summer vacation to my college papers, he was my editor. He edited my monthly column, book reviews and every feature story I’ve written. I can honestly say, that everything I learned about writing, I learned from my Dad. The most important lesson was to use as few words as possible and make every one count. I will endeavor to impart that wisdom in this blog.

Feel free to contact me for freelance assignments by email at eularee@comcast.net, or by phone at 541.688.7103.